Expert Witness Vehicle Inspectors rely on documentation and physical evidence collected from the vehicle. They then prepare a report for the court or arbitrator as an opinion of the case. Use this free guide and checklist to make sure you have the correct documents and information for your expert witness inspector to review.Continue Reading

Test Drive Technologies is proud to announce our agreement to become a sponsor of the #20D Pro 4 Sport Compact and #20D Dirt B-Modified of Drew Dudash from Afton, Missouri. As you know, TDT is always watching young talent on the dirt. That means when you start doing things likeContinue Reading

With today’s age of technology and the internet finding a classic or collector car has gotten much easier than it was 20-30 years ago. With a few clicks of a mouse on a website you can see cars across the country narrowed down by your budget and trim level. I have put together some of the dealerships and private collections to buy a classic or collector car in St Louis. Continue Reading