– It’s hard to be two things at once—just look at the success rate of famous double agents. Robert Hanssen: serving 15 consecutive life sentences. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: electric chair(s). Severus Snape: snake bite. The consequences of competing loyalties are less dire in the world of mass-produced consumer goods,Continue Reading

-With the 2019 Insight, Honda is hoping that the third time’s the charm for this nameplate, which promises the future but hasn’t always been in tune with it. Nearly 20 years after the introduction of the original high-mpg featherweight Honda Insight—the first hybrid sold in the United States—hybrids comprise roughlyContinue Reading

– There’s a BMW roundel stuck to the C-pillar of the new X2. It’s an impossible-to-miss detail on a crossover-hatchback thing that is in itself impossible to miss, especially in Galvanic Gold Metallic. It looks great stuck back there, behind the X2’s version of the Hofmeister kink. Does it matter thatContinue Reading