Being in a car accident is tragic enough. Hopefully everyone in your party is well and there were no serious injuries. Your car on the other hand likely has seen better days. These days it doesn’t take much of a fender bender to require your car to have major surgery.

Most of hear frame and think of the bottom of the car however in today’s cars the frame extends up and around the roof line and throughout the whole car.

Cars are built light to save on weight but that also means they can’t take the beating they did 20 and 30 years ago. Collusion Shops today see more and more structural frame repairs being required even from what we would think would be a simple superficial repair. That means that your car may or may not have its frame repaired and you didn’t even know it. There isn’t anything wrong with the frame being repaired, as long as it was done to industry standard. It’s when it hasn’t been repaired correctly is when to be worried. That is where a post repair car inspection comes into play.

First reason to get a post repair car inspection is simple and I think most of you would agree. The safety of our loved ones and friends riding in our vehicle becomes our responsibility. Cars which are not repaired completely or to a factory standard are less likely to protect the passengers inside. Each vehicle is designed with crush zones built into the frame or structural components of the vehicle. A crush zone absorbs the impact in the event of a collusion. When not repaired properly, these crush zones can fail and the impact is then passed onto the passenger compartment and the passengers take the brunt of the impact. This is how people die in prior repaired cars. This is exactly why we offer Post Repair Car Inspections.

Many of times suspension components must be replaced after a major accident.

Our second reason to get a post repair car inspection is almost just as important as the first but has less to do with the structural and frame aspect but more of reliability of your car. I know personally how it feels to get behind the wheel of the same car that you were recently in an accident in. You keep listening for rattles, waiting to feel a shake or something to fall apart. The likelihood of having some steering, suspension or brake repairs done during a major collusion repair is pretty good, even engine work is pretty good. The last thing you want hanging over your head is the cloud of when the other shoe is going to drop and you will be having more car repairs. This is where I come into help with a Post Repair Car Inspection. Even if your car has not been in an accident and you need to know it has been repaired correctly after a major repair give me a call.

The third reason to get a post repair car inspection is not as simple but more important to your checking account. If you car has not been properly repaired after an accident or major repair attempt it has likely suffered what is called diminished value. That simply means it is no longer worth what it was before the accident or repair and that is going to hit hard when you go to sell it or trade it in simply because CarFax catches almost everything these days especially when there is a major claim involved. The time to find out is right after the repair has been completed so it can be addressed right away. I can help with a Post Repair Car Inspection to ensure the body, frame, electrical, mechanical and cosmetics of your car have been properly repaired to industry standards.

Prior vehicle repairs directly affect the value of your vehicle today due to the availability of CarFax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports.

If you have a post repair car inspection performed and we find poor repairs we will provide you with a report outlining the who, what and why. You can then have the issues addressed with who did the repairs or to your insurance company. Additionally, we can also provide you with a diminished value appraisal showing just how much your vehicle has suffered due to the accident or major mechanical repair. I am here to help, give me a call anytime or complete the form on our website.