TDT Inspects Triple Crown Award Recipient 1959 Chevrolet Corvette in St Louis, Mo


The Call

We were called by a gentleman on the East Coast of the US asking our availability to inspect a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette in the St Louis area. Immediately this gentleman was upfront about the car and what he was looking for in this vehicle to be. He said that this vehicle was being offered for sale and advertised as a #1 in near excellent condition but with an older restoration. He also stated that this car had previously been awarded “multiple awards” through the NCRS but was not specific about which awards at the time but thought it might of been a Triple Crown Award Recipient. He had proof of the awards and restoration but wanted an independent opinion on the cars condition at the current point in time since the restoration was now 20 years old.

He wasn’t kidding I looked up the car online through the NRCS. This car has a long list of being a top award winnings including Triple Crown Award, Gold Spinner Award, The National Corvette Certification Board Bloomington Gold Certificate, National Corvette Society (NCRS) Top Flight Award, the NRCS Duntov Mark of Excellence Award and even the NRCS Performance Verification Award.

The Inspection

While what we see is a lot of beauty and art within the design of this car we do see a bit of an older restoration showing through the paint and trim but the interior is near flawless and the vehicle runs incredibly smooth. However, with the correct markings, history of the vehicle and true solidness of the undercarriage I believe this vehicle will continue to bring in awards for many of years ~ Steven Paul, Owner of TDT.

The Big Deal

Why is having the opportunity to inspect yet another award winning Corvette at big deal to us? Why am I typing this up and sharing my little story here? Of all the classic car inspectors out there including the local Corvette Club, our client chose to go with TDT because of our reputation online and the thoroughness of our reports. He wanted someone who he knew would pick the car apart and go through it nut but nut and line by line to ensure the vehicle’s condition was documented and he could make an informed decision on the purchase. What really makes me feel good about being able to provide this inspection to our client is he usually has a Corvette expert (judge and restorer) travel with him to inspect Vettes personally prior to purchase. Instead of going this route he chose to go with TDT and we really appreciate that.

Thanks To…

Obviously we thank our client for choosing TDT and for allowing us to inspect such a unique example of Corvette for them based on our reputation. We would also like to send special thanks to Daniel Schmitt, John Sherman and the guys in the shop for making the car available for inspection and working with the short time frame to ensure we could get it inspected quickly before the weather hit.