Technician using mobile lift trailer for detailed undercarriage inspection of a vehicle

Enhance Your Vehicle Evaluation with Our Professional Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection Service

Discover the hidden details of any vehicle’s undercarriage with our comprehensive inspection service, powered by our state-of-the-art Mobile Lift Trailer. This service is essential for attorneys who require detailed evidence for automotive legal cases, and invaluable for consumers who want to make fully informed vehicle purchasing decisions.

*Additional fees may apply for this service. Be sure to inquire when completing your inspection request if you need the vehicle lifted onsite. Please note that the seller or owner of the vehicle will need to agree to lifting the vehicle prior to the inspection being scheduled.

Service Features & Benefits:

Technician using mobile lift trailer for detailed undercarriage inspection of a vehicle
  • Detailed Vehicle Undercarriage Inspections: Our expert technicians conduct thorough examinations of all undercarriage components including the vehicle’s frame, engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, and brakes. We identify potential issues from minor wear and tear to significant damage, ensuring every inspection is exhaustive and precise.
  • Advanced Inspection Technology: We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools that provide high-resolution imagery and detailed diagnostics, far surpassing standard inspection techniques. This technology ensures that every assessment is backed by accurate and reliable data, giving you confidence in the results.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Our mobile Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection services brings the technology right to your doorstep, be it a car dealership, a private seller’s location, or your own home. This flexibility saves you time and hassle, as there’s no need to transport the vehicle to a separate inspection site.
  • Expert Analysis: Each inspection is accompanied by a comprehensive report delivered by our skilled inspection technicians. These reports offer insights into the condition of the undercarriage, explaining potential risks and necessary repairs or maintenance. This level of detail is crucial for making informed decisions and for supporting legal arguments in automotive cases.
Mobile vehicle inspection undercarriage inspection service

Our Mobile Lift Trailer Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection service enhances your vehicle evaluation process, providing detailed, accurate, and actionable insights into the vehicle’s undercarriage. Whether you are dealing with legal disputes or ensuring the quality of a potential purchase, our service delivers the certainty you need.

*Disclaimer: Not all vehicles can or will be lifted on the lift trailer due to weight and ground clearance concerns. Lifting a vehicle onsite requires flat ground and a safe operating area. Seller and owner authorization is required for the vehicle to be lifted onsite. Neither repairs or maintenance are not provided with this lift trailer. No transportation or any vehicle will take place on this trailer for commercial purposes.

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