I am an Independent, Unbiased, Qualified and Seasoned Automotive Expert Witness ready to help you represent your case.

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My name is Steven Paul. I am the owner of TDT Inspection Services LLC. I am a Mechanic and Automotive Expert responsible for all aspects of the business including marketing, operations, and accounting as well as customer service. I have over 25 years of experience in automotive service, heavy equipment maintenance, and inspection services. I also have an extensive knowledge of automobile dealership and repair procedures from past employment.

Litigation Support – I am ASE Master Certified in both Automotive and Medium / HD Trucks including engines performance, electrical, driveline, brakes, steering, and suspension as well as safety-related systems. I have inspected over 3,500 vehicles since 2005 ranging from Model T Fords to 2015 BMW & Mercedes.

I am qualified to inspect HD Semi Trucks and Construction Equipment as well as RV, Motorhomes, and Campers. I also have inspection experience with Exotic & Luxury High-End Cars as well as Boats and Watercraft. Automobile, medium-duty, and heavy-duty truck repair and inspection as well as heavy equipment such as construction and agriculture equipment.

– I am a Certified Vehicle Appraiser and can provide opinions of value based on fair market value, diminished value, and replacement values in accordance with USPAP. I have been court qualified as an expert vehicle inspector in multiple states as well as federal court. I have provided over 1500 expert witness reports, provided over 30 depositions, and testified in court over 10 times.

Travel – I am willing to travel to all 50 states. I have experience in Lemon Law, Misrepresentation and Dealer Operations, Lease Return Inspections, and Vehicle Condition Reports.

Experience – I performed my first expert witness inspection in 2010. Since then I have provided expert witness inspection, reports, and testimony for well over 1500 cases ranging from local courts, state courts, and even federal court cases. I have been qualified as an expert in Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, and even Federal Court. I mainly accept lemon law, misrepresentation, and fraud cases, but sometimes I will accept accident cases, depending on the circumstances.

I am happy to provide you with my CV as well as my fee schedule. Please feel free to review my listing on SeekExperts.com

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