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Fair Market Value is what someone would expect to pay for a vehicle or for a vehicle to sell for at a reasonable sale. Replacement Value Appraisals provide the amount to replace the vehicle. It is important to understand the difference between these two appraisal types and when to use each one.Continue Reading

Why I wrote this article about classic cars So, I get this question a lot from clients when they are about to purchase a classic car or collector car and we are going through their valuation. “What adds value to a classic or collector car?”  I figured it would beContinue Reading

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Regulation & Licensing – To date, there is no regulation on vehicle appraisers. This is both good and bad for the industry.  The good part of this lack of regulation is that it provides many different viewpoints on vehicles and formats in which the appraisals are provided. The downfall of theContinue Reading

Be sure to ask your vehicle inspector or appraiser these questions before you hire them for your inspection or appraisal needs. Check for credentials – Ask them about what certifications they may have such as ASE, ICAR, and Appraisal Certification.  They should readily be able to answer this question aboutContinue Reading