Technician using mobile lift trailer for detailed undercarriage inspection of a vehicle

Discover the hidden details of any vehicle’s undercarriage with our comprehensive inspection service, powered by our state-of-the-art Mobile Lift Trailer. This service is essential for attorneys who require detailed evidence for automotive legal cases, and invaluable for consumers who want to make fully informed vehicle purchasing decisions.Continue Reading

1966 Pontiac GTO Fair Market Value Appraisal in St. Louis, Mo

There are several vehicle appraisal types I can help with in most cases. There are many reasons why you may have found my website today. If you landed here this could be a great day or a not so great one. Good news is, TDT offers vehicle appraisals and we can likely assist with your appraisal needs. Lets find out what type of vehicle appraisal you need.Continue Reading

Coverage Page Sample Appraisal

Classic car appraisal is an industry with varying perspectives due to the lack of strict regulation. While this allows for diversity, it also requires consumers to carefully select qualified appraisers. Adhering to standards like the USPAP ensures credibility and reliability, particularly in legal contexts. Thorough vehicle inspection and detailed descriptions are crucial for accuracy, as well as sourcing comparable vehicles for comprehensive valuation. Including market trend analysis and adjustment calculations strengthens the appraisal’s validity. Transparent reporting with clear assumptions and disclosures adds integrity to the process.Continue Reading