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Are you considering or have you already purchased a used car or vehicle through the new car buying process of Carvana and many others?  We think it is a pretty interesting idea on buying and trading vehicles. Taking out the expensive and high pressure middleman at the auto dealer is a great idea however it does have some downfalls of course.  Here are some reviews that we have found useful from BrightReviews.com.

One of the downfalls we see is not being able to “kick the tires” or have a pre-purchase inspection performed on the vehicle prior to the purchase.

There have already been complaints and reviews stating the vehicle’s purchased have had bad leaks, blown engines and suspension issues shortly after final delivery even though the used cars for sale by Carvana are stated to have passed a 150 checkpoint inspection and have a clean vehicle history check.  There is a buyback or refund procedure but it seems that if you are not within a certain distance from a main hub that you will end up paying shipping on the returned vehicle.

We have a solution that can help!

To help combat the heartache and aggravation of finding issues after the “7-Day Money Back Guarantee”, Test Drive Technologies now offers a “Post Delivery Used Car Inspection Service”.  Understanding this situation is time-sensitive, make sure you mention what date the vehicle is supposed to arrive and what the LAST day you have to file your return claim so we can make sure it is inspected in time. (Our normal schedule allows for a 24-48 hour turnaround time once scheduled).

What is the new inspection service by Test Drive Technologies?

This new inspection service we are offering means we will come out to the location of the vehicle, perform our detailed 452 checkpoint inspection (exactly the same as our well-known pre-purchase inspection minus the 100’s of photos).  Our new service will include a full electrical check up of the vehicle, inspection of the body, frame, engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and interior as well as a FULL 10 MILE TEST DRIVE.  We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, photos of any damages or worn items we find as well as HD video of the options and features working.  Vehicle owners are welcome to be present for the inspection of course, we can meet you at your home, work or location of your choice within our normal service area.

Click here to learn more or to schedule your Post Delivery Used Car Inspection Service if you have purchased a car through a service similar to Carvana.

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