Used Car Inspection Discounts for Back-to-School College Students and New Drivers

Back to School Used Car Inspections

Steven Paul Our Owner Just Authorized a 25% Discount on Back-to-School Pre-Purchase & New Driver Used Car Inspections – Use Coupon Code B2S25 to take 25% off your used car inspection for your college student or new driver used car inspection

Yep it’s that time of year again where us parents get our house back for a few hours in the day but our fun summer comes to a crawl as school is back in session.  Students are headed back to college and that means they are leaving home in their aging and higher mileage cars back to their dorms and campus. This of course means the potential for your college student to be broke down somewhere along the way or even with potential car problems at campus, leaving them at the mercy of the dreaded car dealer or repair shop.

Adding an additional driver to your household such as a 16-year-old son or daughter is stressful not only to your heart but also to your wallet.  There are several types of parents in the world and everyone’s circumstances are different and I am not here to advise you on if you should buy a car for your children, make them pay for it or meet them in the middle.  What I would like to speak to you about is protecting your family, kids and investment.  Many parents look at their children’s first vehicle as something that has higher miles, might have a few bangs and bruises on it but most importantly a vehicle which is safe and reliable.  This is where we come into play.  Regardless if you are budgeting $2000 or $10,000 for your kids first vehicle we are here to help with a pre-purchase used car inspection.  Let us perform our 452-checkpoint inspection, provide photos and documentation of what needs to be repaired along with an estimate of repairs and perform our extensive test drive.

According AAA, 63% of back to school students leave home and get to their destination unknowingly with low air pressure, major leaks, worn engine belts, leaking hoses and worn tires.  Many of these issues can be resolved before the vehicle leaves home by having a professional vehicle inspector look over the car a few days beforehand to make sure it is still in a safe and reliable condition for the trip.

If after the vehicle is inspected and you discover the car requires too much repair and you or your college student are thinking about purchasing a used car you may find yourself at similar dilemma.  Purchasing a used comes with the same risk which I don’t think I need to explain to you however, there is a way to avoid that risk.  That way is through having a professional vehicle inspector perform a detailed inspection, diagnostic scan and a full test drive on the vehicle prior to finalizing the purchase. Securing an extended warranty or vehicle service plan at the time of purchase or purchasing a brand-new car with a manufacture warranty.   Whichever method of protection and prevention you choose, just be sure to do your homework and research and get the best deal from the most reputable professional vehicle inspector in the area.

*offer ends 8/31/2017. Discount only valid for used cars 1996 and newer. May not be used for classics, luxury or commercial vehicles. 1 Offer per household / family. Valid only for the St Louis Major Metro Area.