Why You Should Absolutely Have Your Collector Car Appraised Before Storage or Consignment

Many car collectors and classic car owners store their vehicles at consignment dealers across the nation when they are trying to sell them or store them.  Recently the Midwest lost 100’s of old classic cars and antique vehicles to a very large fire at Staunton’s Country Classic Cars.

Local media reports state that a large metal building attached to the workshop was destroyed by a large explosion and fire.  This fire consumed many classic, collector and antique automobiles. Most of these vehicles were stored on consignment with Country Classic Cars who sells classic and collector cars on consignment as well as a place to store antique vehicles.

What does this tragedy mean for other classic, collector and antique car owners?

This tragic loss comes with a price of not only millions of dollars in loss but also an increase in value of the other vehicles that are still in the marketplace.  Here at Test Drive Technologies Vehicle Inspection and Appraisal Services we hear of many stories like this and others of people saying things such as “I wish I would have gotten my car appraised before….”.  There is no time like YESTERDAY to have your vehicle appraised at the current local market values.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this tragic loss of classic, collector or antique cars at Country Classic Cars please contact us at Test Drive Technologies and we will be happy to help assist in your claim, total loss value and anything else we can.