Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase)


Our post delivery used car inspections go further and deeper than any other inspection company on the market. Our 452 Checkpoint inspection report the vehicle’s condition in detail, documented damages by photo and video.



TDT provides Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) for used cars and light trucks.

Our ASE Certified and Trained Vehicle Inspectors do more than just take some photos of the car during our Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase).

Our Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) help you avoid situations such as:

  • Spotting Previous Repair due to Reported / Unreported Collision Damage
  • Undisclosed Frame damage / Flood damage
  • Uneven Tire Wear due to worn Suspension / Steering Parts
  • Worn Engine Belts / Hoses
  • Non-Satisfactory / Needed Repairs
  • Inoperable Options / Features
  • Worn Interior Items
  • Broken / Chipped Glass
  • Missing Equipment

Our Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) provide a hands-on inspection of the body, frame, interior, features and options, lighting, engine, transmission, driveline, brakes and steering systems. Our Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) also provides a full test drive of the vehicle as long as conditions permit. These days when buying a used car or truck you never really know what you are getting stuck with.  Are you buying someone else’s lemon? Did someone pond off their problems by trading in their used car?  Is the seller representing the vehicle truthfully? This is where our Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) can help you know what you are buying…

Our experience with Post Delivery Used Car Inspection (Carvana Purchase) goes back about 20 years.  

Steven first started out in a local body shop writing estimates and performing body work…  Working his way through the body shop and into shops all around St. Louis, Steven also has taught at local automotive and diesel technology trade schools passing along his knowledge and experiences to inspiring automotive and diesel technicians in the St Louis Area.  Read more about Steven’s Experience as a Vehicle Inspector on the TDT page.

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*Carvana is a registered trademark by Carvana, LLC

The Report

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK – Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection”]

What's Checked

We fully inspect the body, interior, features, options, electrical and lights, engine, transmission, clutch, driveline, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels, tires, cargo area, doors and all glass to ensure you know the true condition of the vehicle before you buy it.


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