Winter is all around us, well some of us anyhow, and that means the car sales have begun for both new car sales and used car sales.  This also means dealers are liquidating their 2017 inventory so they can make room on the lot for the new 2018 inventory rolling in.  This means you can get big savings on many brand new and slightly used 2017 models.  Here are a few quick things to watch out for.

  1. Watch out for the “new car with some miles on it”.   This is likely a demo car.  Yes, it is likely a new 2017 model that the dealer has had but it still has been driven.  This is a great car to have inspected before you buy it because you want to have it fully inspected for prior body repairs and make sure it still has the factory warranty (CALL THE MANUFACTURE YOURSELF!)
  2. Lease returns.  Last year about this time many corporations leased several brand new 2017 models and now they are being turned back in.  This means these cars have been slightly used and likely maintained under factory warranty.  This is good for you because the depreciation has mostly been paid for through the lease and now you can get good savings on the car.  Their loss your gain.  This is another great car to have inspected to make sure it has no prior accidents, no current repairs needed and everything works as designed.
  3. Used car deals.   Year-end closeouts are not just for the big dealerships.  Even the small mom and pop dealers (the industry calls them independent car dealers) will be liquidating their inventory for the used cars being auctioned off through the market.  This means they will be marking down their prices, taking special offers and passing along a bit of the saving to you.  These cars are likely the most important to have inspected before you buy them.  These cars likely have many more miles on them, out of manufacture warranty and have some “history”.  A pre-purchase used car inspection can help spot accident damage that exists or has been repaired, mechanical issues needing to be addressed and make sure everything on the car works as designed.

If you are considering shopping for a used car during the winter months and trying to save some money this is the good time to do it.  Just remember to protect yourself, your pocketbook and your family by having the used car fully inspected by a 3rd party, independent and unbiased inspection company just like Test Drive Technologies Vehicle Inspection and Appraisals Services in St Louis.