Expert Witness Vehicle Inspectors rely on documentation and physical evidence collected from the vehicle. They then prepare a report for the court or arbitrator as an opinion of the case. Use this free guide and checklist to make sure you have the correct documents and information for your expert witness inspector to review.Continue Reading


There are many things that should be taken into consideration before purchasing your classic car one of them is obviously the condition of the car overall.  I have written this article geared towards things which can help you when inspecting a classic car before purchase. The most common area thatContinue Reading

Be sure to ask your vehicle inspector or appraiser these questions before you hire them for your inspection or appraisal needs. Check for credentials – Ask them about what certifications they may have such as ASE, ICAR, and Appraisal Certification.  They should readily be able to answer this question aboutContinue Reading

The team here at Test Drive Technologies is very excited to move into the vehicle appraisal business.  For over the past 6 years we have worked very hard at inspecting vehicles for our clients and many of those clients have asked us about valuing their vehicles.  Today we are happyContinue Reading