TDT is Heading North to Springfield, Illinois for the 2023 GTO AA Convention in June


The Goats are coming back to Springfield, Illinois this year for the 45th Annual GTO AA Convention. Goats will be coming from all corners of the U.S. to heard in the Land of Lincoln. Some of the top awarded GTOs including Late Model GTOs will be presented for show and judging. The Springfield, Illinois GTO Convention is one the most heavily attended national conventions in the GTO AA.

TDT’s GTO AA Sponsorship

Steven Paul - Expert Vehicle Inspector and Classic Car Appraiser
Steven Paul – Expert Vehicle Inspector and Classic Car Appraiser

I am proud to be sponsoring the Tech Inspection Tent at the GTO AA Convention this year, be sure to say hi as I will likely be hanging out at the tech tent as the cars role through. Additionally, I will also be hosting a session on Vehicle Valuation and Condition of Collector Cars. This session will include how the market has reacted to modified GTOs versus that of the factory stock or original GTOs. I will also be covering how the market is reacting to the late model GTOs in the market.

Fair Market Value and Replacement Value Appraisal Convention Special

I will be onsite all week and available for questions about values of GTOs in general. I will also be available to perform fair market and replacement value appraisals for those with their vehicles present. I am offering a half price discount to anyone who books and has their vehicle present at the convention. I will be inspecting and documenting the vehicles booked at the convention and delivering reports in the following couple of weeks.

As always, I will be walking around looking at all the magnificent cars at the show and casting my votes. I am hoping to be able to judge some as long as that works out with the judging schedule and my speaker session on Friday. Be sure to stop by my booth which will be hosted in the concours judging area to sign up for a chance to win a few special prizes this year! I am looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting your Goat!