Recent Used Car Inspections in St Louis, Missouri by TDT

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Its great to have summer and beautiful weather back on our side for used car inspections in St Louis, Missouri. Although a bit toasty on car lots and driveways I am happy to help used car buyers discover the true condition of a used car before they finalize their purchase. Here is some of the latest used car inspections I have done in St Louis, Missouri

2005 Ford F-150 King Ranch Used Truck Inspection in St Louis, Missouri

We will start off with this 2005 Ford F-150 King Ranch Pickup that was inspected in North County. From the online photos the truck looked in good condition for its age and mileage. Once I got to the truck and started it up and backed it off the lot line I could hear the dreaded 5.4L Ford “tick” in the engine. It didn’t get any better from there as further inspection of the body showed dreaded rust and corrosion starting to take its toll on once was Ford’s top selling pickup truck. My client was obviously disappointed to learn of the condition of the truck but at the same time happy that he didn’t make a big purchase mistake. Here’s some of the photos taken and the diagnostic reports from the inspection.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Used SUV Inspection in St Louis, Missouri

Next up is a pre-purchase used car inspection in St Louis, Missouri of a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. The car showed nice low miles, clean interior and exterior with a few chips and some curb rash on the wheels and some factory level stored dash and entertainment cluster codes however with some research I found several TSBs listed for the exact issue so my client could have them addressed prior to purchase. All in all it is a good car and drove great too. Here some photos and the diagnostic report from the inspection.

2014 BMW i4 Electric Vehicle Used Luxury Car Inspection in St Louis, Missouri

Our latest Used Car Inspection in St Louis, Missouri actually falls into the luxury car but I thought I would include it anyhow. This is a 2014 BMW i4 Electric Vehicle. Electric vehicles require special knowledge and testing of the regenerative drive, charging and communication systems and require a full diagnostic test in order to ensure all the systems are functioning properly. My scan found multiple codes and alarms which were likely caused when this vehicle took a front end hit. This car was offered for sale by a private seller which means it is a true AS-IS sale and you get what you are buying with no recourse. My client opted to protect their purchase decision with a pre-purchase used car inspection and were grateful they did! The client was informed that the car had ran over a tree stump however was told it all had been repaired and there was no existing damages. Not only did I find body damage to the front bumper but also damage to the AC condenser and the cooling system for the electric motors that drive the car. Easily a $2000 – $3000 repair if done at a dealership and that doesn’t include the body work which would have ran another $1000 easily. In short, the client was disappointed to hear of the findings however were relieved that they ordered a used car inspection and found out the truth behind the vehicle’s condition. Here are some photos and the diagnostic scan.

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a used car in St Louis then please be sure to send me a message before you get too deep into the purchase. My fees for a used car inspection start at $300 in the St Louis area and cover the entire vehicle including a full diagnostic scan, test drive, body inspection, testing of all features and options and checking for accident and frame damage as well as rust and rot.