Used Car Inspections


Our pre-purchase used car inspections go further and deeper than any other inspection company on the market. Our 452 Checkpoint inspection report the vehicle’s condition in detail, 100+ photos and HD video put you in the driver’s seat.



TDT provides Used Car Inspections for used cars and light trucks.

Our ASE Certified and Trained Vehicle Inspectors do more than just take some photos of the car during our Used Car Inspections.

Our Used Car Inspections help you avoid situations such as:

  • Spotting Previous Repair due to Reported / Unreported Collusion Damage
  • Undisclosed Frame damage / Flood damage
  • Uneven Tire Wear due to worn Suspension / Steering Parts
  • Worn Engine Belts / Hoses
  • Non-Satisfactory / Needed Repairs
  • Inoperable Options / Features
  • Worn Interior Items
  • Broken / Chipped Glass
  • Missing Equipment

Our Used Car Inspections provide a hands-on inspection of the body, frame, interior, features and options, lighting, engine, transmission, driveline, brakes and steering systems. Our Used Car Inspections also provide a full test drive of the vehicle as long as conditions permit. These days when buying a used car or truck you never really know what you are getting stuck with.  Are you buying someone else’s lemon? Did someone pond off their problems by trading in their used car?  Is the seller representing the vehicle truthfully? This is where our Used Car Inspections can help you know what you are buying…

Our experience with Used Car Inspections goes back about 20 years.  

Steven first started out in a local body shop writing estimates and performing body work…  Working his way through the body shop and into shops all around St. Louis, Steven also has taught at local automotive and diesel technology trade schools passing along his knowledge and experiences to inspiring automotive and diesel technicians in the St Louis Area.  Read more about Steven’s Experience as a Vehicle Inspector on the TDT page.

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The Report

2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK - Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection

What's Checked

We fully inspect the body, interior, features, options, electrical and lights, engine, transmission, clutch, driveline, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels, tires, cargo area, doors and all glass to ensure you know the true condition of the vehicle before you buy it.


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4 reviews for Used Car Inspections

  1. I was shopping for a used car in St Louis and used this company to perform an off-site inspection for me. I used their website to setup the appointment, and Steve was calling me 2 minutes later. And this was at 7am his time! Needless to say I was really happy with their level of customer service.

    He worked around the schedule of the seller to work on Sunday afternoon, and had my report to me by that evening. The report was top-notch, better than I expected. It had over 110 photos and a detailed breakdown of every flaw discovered. He even found a loose lower ball-joint that the current owner was unaware of. That right there made up for the cost of the inspection.

    I can highly recommend TDT without reservation.

  2. Steven is wonderful! As a single mother with a 16 year old, I was looking for a good reliable used car for my son to drive. Steven steered me away from a couple vehicles that would have cost me a lot of money in repairs. When we found a car we liked, Steven inspected it and sent me a report of items I would need to repair or replace (brakes, tires) and this alleviated all of my anxiety. I was able to write a check for the Honda CRV we purchased without a lot of worry because I knew what I was getting. Thank you Steven for holding our hands and helping us find a car that my son likes and that I know will be safe on the road. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you for everything!!

  3. When I was purchasing my latest car I ALMOST bought brand new b/c I was sick of getting burnt on buying a used car. I thought that I had done my research on the car with Carfarx, but turns out that Carfax is not the end all. Steve and Test Drive Technologies will do an on-site inspection and put any uneasiness about buying a used car to rest. I recommend TDT to EVERYONE who does not want to put buying a used car to chance!

  4. I decided about a year ago that I wanted to get a mini cooper. I’ve wanted one for a while, but it was time to really start planning and get on. I wanted to still drive on the left side of the car, and I also wanted an automatic, so it was a little harder to find than I thought it was going to be. But, I kept looking and held out for the perfect car. When I found it, I was bummed it was in St. Louis, Missouri, but it meant I get to take a nice fall road trip and also visit Chicago on the way to picking up my car! But, when I got there I could tell that something was up. The dealership was less than admirable, and something felt wrong. I told the dealership that I was having a problem getting my loan transferred over to my bank account, then called my dad for backup. He suggested I call Test Drive Tech since one of his friends who used to live in the area worked for them for a while. So, I gave them a call and they were actually able to meet me at the dealership and look over the car for me. Thanks goodness I have them come! They pointed out right away that there was a transmission issue that was going to cost me a pretty penny! It was still okay to drive for a little, but it was work that I would need to take care of as soon as possible. We called a local shop and they assured me the work was going to run around $800! I was floored that the dealership didn’t feel the need to tell me about it, but was so glad I caught it! When I explained all of it to the dealership it was like they were caught red handed! They took 1,200 off of the car, then actually payed for the repair! I still payed for the cost of having Test Drive Tech, but that was a huge savings compared to what I was going to pay for the repairs if I drove off the lot without checking. In the end I stayed in Illinois a little longer than I planed, but it saved me a lot of time and effort thanks to contacting Test Drive Tech! I cannot express in words how important it was that I called them, and also how great their service was. Now I have my dream car, got it at a price that I should have paid instead of what the dealership wanted me to pay, and I know who to call when I have any future car buying needs!

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