big dog racing photography

We are excited to support Austin Foutch (Bigdog) and Bigdog Racing Photography. Bigdog shoots photography for St. Louis Dirt Track Racing. Austin has been shooting dirt track racing for about a year. He has been involved in dirt track racing since 2004. His favorite track for racing is Fairbury American Legion Speedway or better known as FALS. Austin’s favorite track to shoot photography is Farmer City. I asked him why and he said turns 3 & 4 are wide open at Farmer City and it gives opportunity for great shots. His goal is to always make the drivers look good in their cars regardless of the shots. Some of the tracks he will be shooting at this year that he hasn’t yet are Florence Kentucky and Macon Speedway for the 100 Lapper. Austin got a litter personal and told me why he loves racing photography, he said it enables him to control his emotions better since he lost his father in 2019 and that he loves to capture drivers’ best moments both on and off the track.

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