How to Safely Ship Your Classic or Antique Automobile

Shipping Your Classic Car or Antique Automobile

One of the most important elements to consider when shipping a classic or antique automobile is to make sure that you take the necessary steps for proper insurance and documentation. It doesn’t matter how much your vehicle is worth; without proper documentation and insurance, it could prevent you from receiving your car back in its original condition or suffering significant financial losses. A few options are available to you when shipping your antique automobile and several issues to consider.

7 Tips to Safely Ship Your Antique Automobile

If you have decided to ship your antique automobile via a car shipping service, there are several steps that you must take to ensure that your car is adequately prepared for the journey.

1: Know the Weight of Your Classic Car

Before beginning the shipping process, you need to know the total weight of your classic car. It is possible to obtain this information from any local classified listing or a magazine. Staying within weight restrictions will ensure that your vehicle is not over its allotted weight limits and can be properly insured for transport.

1940 Buick Eight Special Antique Automobile

2: Know Your Car’s Value & Your Insurer’s Requirements

The value of your antique automobile will be used when calculating the insurance needed to cover your car while in transit. The higher the value of your car, the larger the insurance policy needs to be. We can help you determine the value to assign to the vehicle with a replacement value appraisal. Many insurance companies do not require you to take out comprehensive coverage when shipping vintage vehicles. However, even if your transportation company does not require comprehensive coverage, it would be in your best interest to purchase it. This coverage will protect your antique automobile if it is involved in an accident or damaged during shipping.

3: Make Sure You Are Properly Insured

Knowing your car’s value is an integral part of the shipping process, but proper insurance coverage is important. You must have a valuation certificate within the vehicle’s shipping documents. It will serve as proof of value and should be kept with you when transporting your antique automobile. In addition, while transporting your car, you must stay current on your car insurance policy.

4: Choose Your Classic Car or Antique Automobile Car Carrier

During the planning process, you must choose a car carrier that will offer the best insurance price and coverages needed to protect your car during transit. The carriers have different requirements that you can follow, but they all require the same information to properly and legally ship your car. It’s also important to ask different companies when they will be able to have your antique vehicle at its new location.

5: Properly Pack & Prepare Your Car

If you choose to ship your car through a car shipping service, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the journey. You need to remove items that detach from your vehicle’s exterior, and it’s a smart idea to clean your vehicle’s interior too, and remove things from the console and glove box. Do not try to store items in the vehicle while it’s being shipped as it will add to the vehicle’s weight and could lead to the items or vehicle being damaged.

6: Finalize Your Car Shipping Documents

Once you have your car carrier chosen and have prepared your antique vehicle for its journey, the next step is to finalize your shipping documents.   This will include the proper documentation to ensure that you are covered if your antique automobile is damaged during shipping or is not delivered when scheduled.

7. Inspection of Your Vehicle Pre and Post Shipping

Before your car is loaded onto the carrier, you and the carrier will need to complete a vehicle inspection to ensure that there are no damages to the inside of your vintage automobile. When your auto is delivered, you and a representative from your insurance company must inspect the car to verify that it has arrived in its original condition.

Steve Inspecting MG1 e1502919740738
Steve Inspecting an MG Prior to Shipment

If you are looking for the best car shippers to use for transporting your classic car. All companies listed carry insurance, but some companies offer more coverage than others. To make the best decision for your classic car shipping needs, you should contact several companies to compare their services and prices. If you have any additional questions about shipping your vehicle, contact any local antique auto transportation company in your area.