Getting a Vehicle Inspected With a Pre-Purchase Basic Vehicle Inspection

Let’s face it…  We know there are tons of companies you can choose to get your vehicle inspected prior to purchase and they all have their own spin on why you should get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection… Look… If you don’t like our pricing on our services we understand that… But for the sake of your wallet PLEASE get you vehicle inspected before you buy it.. Here’s why:

  • People’s lives are at stake every time a vehicle is driven on the roadway…  We strive to do our part to ensure the day you purchase a vehicle that it is safe…
  • Why add additional expenses to your budget the day you buy a vehicle?  Even a basic vehicle inspection can help catch leaks, poor repaired collusion damage and some unsafe items…
  • Listing price and selling price are often two different figures these days.. There’s no reason to ever pay more than what is asked but you can often find a few items on a vehicle that need repaired or at least are worn… A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection can help you negotiate the price fairly.
  • Having a vehicle inspected prior to purchase also provides you with a heads up on any outstanding technical service bulletins or recalls you might be able to have repaired prior to purchase.
  • Another big befit of getting a pre-purchase vehicle inspection is it gives you the chance to think on the purchase of the vehicle a bit longer and helps reduce buyers remorse and impulse buying which can be very costly not just financially but also emotionally.