How To Tell If Your Auto Inspector Is Really Independent

There’s a lot of “independent auto inspectors” out there. Unfortunately some of them are not so “independent” as they have ties with car dealers, insurance companies and finance companies. The first big red flag would be any links to car dealers on the auto inspectors website or they “refer” you to a dealership to look for a car. Another red flag would be if the auto inspector has any listings for selling cars. There have been many reported cases where some appraisers and inspectors find a good deal when they are supposed to be working for you and buy it out from under you. My last red flag for you would be watch for the auto inspection company that doesn’t allow you to speak with the actual inspector that will be inspecting your vehicle. Some of these “national auto inspection companies” use private contractors which often are just run of the mill mechanics they’ve never even met before and they pay them under the table. Likely not who you want giving you an opinion on a car you are about to spend $20,000 to $100,000 on…

Rest assured here at St Louis Auto Inspections we are truly independent of all dealerships, insurance companies and banks as we don’t want those headaches, it simpler to just inspect cars for you. You also don’t have to worry about contractors or under the table inspectors because the owner of St Louis Auto Inspections does the inspection himself… All of them.


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