Don’t Let Your Classic Car Purchase Haunt You


Here’s a few ways to make sure your classic car purchase does not become a nightmare by inspecting it first. These may sound pretty obvious tips but when you are excited about a classic car purchase… Well we know what can happen.

Researching Your Classic Car Can Help You and Your Inspector

Do your research on the specific car you are buying. Know the common issues that have been known to be trouble spots. Chances are a good inspector already knows or will look them up before the inspection but share your knowledge with your inspector. It always amazes me the amount of information that can be found on the internet and how much that can help during an inspection. Although pre-purchase classic car inspectors know a lot about classic cars, there is always more room for knowledge and learning.

Slow Down Your Purchase Deal

Classic Car Inspection Of A 1970 Ford Bronco At Fast Lane Classic Cars In St Charles, Mo

Hold off on making an official offer on the classic car until you have your inspection results. Most dealers prefer you to put some money down to hold a car for the pre-purchase inspection, make sure your deposit and offer is contingent on an inspection that matches their description. Slowing down your classic car purchase will help you avoid that impulse purchase, will help you avoid buying someone else’s project car and enjoy the car more later on knowing you did the best dealing you could based on good information.

Get That Car Inspected!

Classic Car, Collector Car, And Antique Vehicle Inspections

Make sure you have the car inspected! Even if you are going to look at the car in person it’s still a good idea to have an independent and 3rd party pre-purchase classic car inspection performed. This helps you catch anything you might have overlooked because of your excitement level and also let’s the seller know you are serious about the car. This also provides a good opportunity to get the vehicle appraised if you decide to purchase it. An appraisal is often required by a bank if you are planning on financing it but also required by insurance companies for insurance policies.

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