What is the Difference Between an Auto Inspector vs RV Inspector?

Auto Inspector vs RV InspectorYou may be wondering What is the Difference Between vs. Auto Inspector and a RV Inspector?  Well there is some grey lines that are often crossed with Auto Inspectors and Recreational Vehicle Inspectors which I am going to outline in this article for you…

One of the main differences in Auto Inspector vs RV Inspector is that RV Inspectors are often certified in many areas of vehicle repair or inspection while Auto Inspectors maybe more versed in automobiles vs. let’s say Motorhomes.  While the Auto Inspector may have a general understanding of what to look for in a RV they may not know how water will run down the roof rail, drip down the inside wall and rot out the floor all the while not showing any signs of roof leakage.  They also might not fully understand how the different house battery inverter power, generator power and shore power systems work.

From one vehicle to the next there can be a great difference in items to examine during a vehicle inspection.  For instances even though a Motorhome has a suspension and braking system, the larger coaches often have air brake and air ride suspension systems.  These systems have difference components and safety features built into them which require special HD truck training to properly test and inspect, there are also different minimum thresholds on the brake linings that require measuring and reported correctly in the inspection report.  The suspension systems are much larger in scale and have a few differences such as kingpins instead of balljoints as well as engine and transmission sit backwards which creates a unique driveline system which needs fully examined by a qualified technician certified in HD Trucks and Motorhomes.

This list could go on and on but the one important thing to know about What is the Difference Between an Auto Inspector vs RV Inspector is knowing the true ability and training of the inspector before hiring them to perform a Pre-Purchase Motorhome Inspection on your $250,000 coach.  The last thing you want to do is rely on an incompetent vehicle inspection report to make such a substantial purchase  decision.  Choose Test Drive Technologies if you are in need of a Certified and Qualified RV Inspector.