Thanks for stopping by!

We got your note through our website and wanted to say welcome to the TDT Family. We are here to help you with your vehicle inspection or appraisal process. If you haven’t already been contacted, rest assured Steve will personally contact you either by phone, email, or text message shortly!

Here is how the process normally works but we are flexible. No rules here, just plain devoted customer service information.

  • It’s best that you let the seller know that you want an inspection and work that our ahead of time. We normally need a day or so notice.
  • We do not offer a variety of “inspection levels” like other inspection companies. You get the full inspection of the vehicle with TDT, no gimmicks, no add-ons, no upsells. Don’t be shocked… Our prices are higher because of our experience level and depth of inspection. Each inspection takes at least 2 hours. We are not just kicking tires and taking photos like some other companies.
  • You inspection results usually are available the same evening if not then the next morning after your inspection!
  • We are always available for follow up questions after you have had a chance to review your results.
  • Our inspections usually provide you with 150+ photos, video of the body, interior, features and options being tested and a video of the engine and exhaust and of course a test drive (not filmed) and our full 5 page checklist style report.
  • We can provide you with a range of value appraisal with your report for free or you can choose to have a firmer appraisal down to the dollar for an additional charge.
Steve grew up in the hard-knocks way of life. Divorced hardworking parents who were both entrepreneurs and devoted to teaching Steve the ways of life with good morals. After several years in the U. S Army learning the basics of the mechanical trade and moving into the open market Steven opened his own vehicle inspection business in 2009 to help continue to serve clients WORLD-WIDE. Today Steve is an avid enthusiast of all types of racing, a sponsor of multiple dirt track car teams, and a family man who enjoys camping, boating, and his dogs.