Hail Damaged Car - Total Loss - Diminished Value
Hail Damaged Car – Total Loss – Diminished Value

It’s now doubt about it that recently a lot of vehicle owners have incurred a lot of hail damage on their vehicles and their homes.  If you were one of these unfortunate recipients my heart go out to you, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you were a lying victim to Mother Nature.  Hopefully, you and your family are safe and nobody was injured, but now it is time to pick up the pieces and see what damage has really been done.

Many of the major insurance companies will likely be setting up hail damage claim centers where you can drive your vehicle right into the office and have a claim written and sometimes paid for by check that same day.  Some of the PDR (paintless dent removal) businesses will also be onsite to repair your vehicle right away.  Here are some things to keep in mind when getting your hail damage estimated and your vehicle appraised.

  1. Be present for the full vehicle inspection and estimate so if the estimator misses something you can point it out to them.  Make sure your vehicle is nice and clean so the estimator can spot all damages that are on the vehicle.
  2. Make sure the correct vehicle information is recorded from the vehicle. (VIN, YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, MILEAGE AND TRIM PACKAGE AS WELL AS OPTIONS).  Even a simple option such as running boards or DVD video can mean the difference of your vehicle being totalled or not.
  3. Every insurance company has their own total loss threshold of value versus repair cost.  Know what this threshold is, know how your insurance company is figuring your total loss.  The common total loss value is actually called the actual cash value or ACV. Here is a great resource for how ACV will likely be determined.
  4. Know your rights.  You have the right to another estimate and the right to choose your repair facility I highly suggest you get a minimum of 3 estimates other than what the insurance company does.
  5. Know that a hail damage claim will likely be reported onto your vehicle history report for your vehicle and it will lose value and you can attempt to claim that lost value called diminished value.
  6. Know that we are here to help you with a total loss value appraisal, diminished value appraisal and even a pre-purchase vehicle inspection if you decide to get another vehicle.  Use the form on the right to contact us for more information on how we can help you.