Road Side Emergencies Safety – Test Drive Tip

The one thing that they don’t cover enough in driver’s education is Road Side Emergencies Safety issues.  Carrying a simple cheap $3 jack stand to slide under the frame of your vehicle while your changing our a tire can really make a road side emergency much safer… Pick a pair up at your local auto parts store and keep them in your trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.  Today’s cars are very weight sensitive when it comes to balance and when the vehicle is lifted using the small scissor jack it becomes very unstable which can lead to a … Keep reading…

Torquing Down Your Lug Nuts – Test Drive Tip

If you like to work on your own vehicle’s brakes etc, its best practice to ensure you are properly torquing down your lug nuts once you have installed them… Too loose and your wheel could come off at high speeds and too tight you could warp your hub assemblies… Safety should always be upmost when working on any vehicle… Be sure to check the vehicle manufacture to see what the proper torque should be if you are not sure.