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I’m proud to have the opportunity to sponsor someone starting out young and watch them develop. Brody has been driving QMA for a few years now. His parents Chad and Lacy got him started young. He has proven to be a great little racer and a heck of a kid.Continue Reading

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Wesley is the youngest of drivers sponsored by Test Drive Technologies. This guy is creative and has deep determination. He and his dad Jerry have built his car up from nearly nothing. Wesley drives a 1997 Impressive Sportsman with a Chevrolet Camaro front clip (I don’t hold that against himContinue Reading

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At the end of the 2017 season I started watching and following drivers more closely and how they react to winning, loosing and bettering their cars and teams and of course how they promote their sponsors. I set my eyes on a select few come the 2018 season, and oneContinue Reading

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Timmy is another young and upcoming driver for sure. He is 23. His nickname which follows his dad is Timmy “Small Block” Hancock. He’s driving a 2007 Pierce. His crew consist of his dad, Tim Hancock Sr, Cindy Hancock, Hailey Hancock, Taitum Hancock, Reed Hancock and Blade Schehl Timmy’s favoriteContinue Reading

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I’ve been watching dirt track racing for a long time. Tim brings his “A game” for every race. His well known nickname of “Big Block” follows him everywhere. Tim’s favorite driver is Scott Bloomquest. Tim’s car is a 2010 GRT and a 2017 Pierce. Tim’s 2019 stats is 17 winsContinue Reading