Coming Soon! New Vehicle Inspection Report Templates

Here at Test Drive Technologies we are always looking to serve our future, present and past customers even better than we did yesterday.  With that said, we are excited to be creating new, easier to understand and more informative vehicle inspection report checklist.

Our customers now get a quick look at the vehicle and a grading summary at the beginning of the inspection.

Right off the bat we are going to show you the basic vehicle information, a quick look identifying the vehicle and how your vehicle scored during our inspection process.  We now use a scoring method of 1-6.  Scoring a “1” is amazing and hasn’t ever seen dirt and is mostly likely a collector piece.  Scoring a “6” means that the vehicle is likely sitting in a salvage yard and is only good for parts. It is estimated that 80% of today’s vehicles from used cars to commercial vehicles would fall into a grade of 3-4.

Prior to this change our inspection clients had to read through the entire report to get to this summary just to sometimes discover the vehicle wasn’t even worth reading past line 10. We listen, we review and we solved.



Our new report breaks out each section into smaller sections and grades each line item and then averages that section for a grade.

Our new inspection reports now have several small sections that are easier to understand and show an actual rating next to the item being inspected and an average section grade.  Each section is also complete with an area for our inspector to leave a short set of notes clarifying how he / she as graded those items. With over 20 different sections listing over 150 inspection line items our new vehicle inspection reports are geared to help our customers quickly navigate their report, get the information they paid for and make an informed vehicle purchase decision.

Prior to this change our inspection report was 14 pages long. Because we listen and respond to our clients we understand that making our reports easier for our clients to understand and get the information they need is paramount to TDT continuing to be a leader in the St Louis Vehicle Inspection market.



We now break down the line items of a test drive so clients can get a quick understanding on how the vehicle performed.

We have also revamped our line items inspected during our test drive. Although these have always been part of our test drive we have chosen to display them to our clients a bit simpler than we did before.  Now our test drive line items break down the test drive in basic terms that vehicle buyers think of themselves when test driving a vehicle such as acceleration, handling, braking, rattles and noises as well as specific line items such as leak-down test and air pressure buildup test which are required items on a DOT inspection.

Prior to this change our test drive inspection section was symptom-based and seemed to confused some clients, we listened to what they had to say and make these changes going forward. We recognize that our inspection reports, photos and video are often the only tool a vehicle buyer may be using before transferring funds to a seller to purchase a vehicle.  We take this very seriously and have staked our reputation on having the best, most informative inspection report on the vehicle inspection service market.



Test Drive Technologies provides much more than just taking 30-40 photos and going for a 5 minute test drive. Each inspection we provide digs into each section in our report and provides invaluable information that the vehicle buyer needs to make an informed and educated purchase decision.  The average photo count of a vehicle inspection by Test Drive Technologies is 100-150 photos, we also provide our clients with full HD Video and our full vehicle inspection checklist and make that information easy to view on our website.  Our vehicle inspections go further and deeper than any other inspection company in the marketplace and still provide an easy to understand detailed report which a vehicle buyer can make a purchase decision.  This has been our motto and core mission from the day Test Drive Technologies was born.