Steve Performing a Collector Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

Here are my top 5 reasons why its even more important in 2022 and 2023 to get a pre-purchase collector car inspection.

Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and Collector and Antique Cars are bought and sold very quickly in the marketplace right now for this reason alone, it is more important NOW than any other time to ensure you know what you are buying with a pre-purchase classic car inspection. Many of these vehicles are being purchased through estate auctions and online auctions by dealers and private sellers without ever being seen. So if a dealer or private seller is not laying their hands and eyes on a vehicle before buying it themselves, do you think they are going to represent it properly to you?

Pre-Purchase Inspections make sure the vehicle is safe before buying your classic car.

Safety is my number one priority here at TDT Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services. Each vehicle I inspect undergoes a frame, suspension , steering, brake and tire inspection to make sure it is safe. Making sure you receive a safe vehicle should always be the top priority, unless however, you know that you are buying a project upfront.

Pre-Purchase Inspections ensure the vehicle is in the condition that the seller stated.

Sadly, most of my clients that come to find my services, have been burned at least once before during a purchase of a collector car or classic car. Even worse, some of them have even had one of the national vehicle inspection companies inspect the vehicle for them prior to sale and received a poor inspection. Having a professional classic car inspector, photograph and video the vehicle as well as complete a full report on the vehicle will assist in making sure the vehicle is what the seller states it is. My pre-purchase classic car inspection clients receive 200+ photos, HD video of the body, features and options and the engine running through the RPM range. I carry ramps so if the seller or dealer is unable or not willing to lift the vehicle for inspection, I can still get under the car for an inspection. The vehicle is also test driven as long as conditions and the seller provides authorization.

Collector Car Pre-Purchase Inspections help verify the vehicle history matches the vehicle.

Collector Car Pre-Purchase Inspection
Plymouth Barracuda BSJB Engine Number

Finding a full numbers matching car is pretty tough in this market. If a collector car is not numbers matching, the best next thing is a period correct car. What is most important is knowing and verifying that the seller or dealer is representing the vehicle properly and you get what you believe you are paying for. A numbers matching collector car brings approximately 10%-20% more in the current market compared to period correct car and can draw 30% more compared to a car that has been completely swapped with a non-factory engine. The only exception to this is a pro-touring or pro-street car which come with the understanding of reliability and performance from the build.

Classic Car Inspections Help Make sure you are not overspending on the vehicle in the current market.

This past year the classic car and muscle car market has been on a roller coaster. We have seen some of the highest asking and hammer prices at auction which have trickled down to the asking prices at the dealers and then to private sales. While most collectors and enthusiast watch the market and know what the market is bringing, they often get too emotional with their purchase. The excitement from the purchase sometimes gets the best of them and then they overbid or over offer on a car without the full knowledge of the vehicle’s actual condition. A Pre-Purchase Classic or Collector Car Inspection can help negotiate the price of the vehicle while at the same time slow the purchase process down enough for the buyer to take a step back and evaluate the deal from an informed decision.

A Muscle Car Pre-Purchase Inspection Gives you an out and helps take some of the emotion out of the purchase.

The last reason for a pre-purchase classic car inspection, which I touched on briefly above, is reducing some of that emotion from the purchase process. Taking just 30 minutes and searching for a pre-purchase classic car inspector in the area of the vehicle AND looking into their background can help you determine if the vehicle is worth the cost of hiring an inspector to go inspect the vehicle. Actually hiring the inspector makes thing more real and solidified for both the buyer and the seller. The inspector can call you, text you and even Facetime with you at the vehicle if any red flags or hot spots show up. Having the report, photos, video and feedback from the inspector can help the buyer make an informed purchase decision based off of actual eyes and ears and hands on the ground at the vehicle and not based off of excitement and how the vehicle looks in photographs from the seller.

Wrapping up, I hope I have helped you with the idea and benefits of having a classic car, collector car or muscle car inspected before you buy it. Making an informed purchase decision is the key. Being armed with information to negotiate the price based off of actual information from a trained, certified and experienced professional vehicle inspector is the key to a good negotiation. Knowing that you are buying a vehicle that was properly advertised and described by the seller will also help you feel confident in your purchase in the end.

If I can assist you with a pre-purchase classic car, collector car or muscle car inspection please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime by completing the form on the side of this page.