chevrolet chevelle ss coupe body ()

Here’s some things to make sure you check out on a Chevrolet Chevelle before buying it.Continue Reading

1970 Plymouth Barracuda BS23J0B294122 Undercarriage 12 scaled

Certainly! When a car experiences frame damage, it means that the structural integrity of the vehicle has been compromised. The frame, also known as the chassis, is the backbone of the car and provides support to various components such as the engine, suspension, and body panels. Frame damage can occurContinue Reading

1966 Pontiac GTO Fair Market Value Appraisal in St. Louis, Mo

There are several vehicle appraisal types I can help with in most cases. There are many reasons why you may have found my website today. If you landed here this could be a great day or a not so great one. Good news is, TDT offers vehicle appraisals and we can likely assist with your appraisal needs. Lets find out what type of vehicle appraisal you need.Continue Reading