1966 Pontiac GTO Fair Market Value Appraisal in St. Louis, Mo

TDT Recently performed a fair market value appraisal on this 1966 Pontiac GTO in St. Louis, Mo area. This appraisal was performed as part of a pre-purchase inspection being performed at a restoration shop in the area. This car was restored several years ago and then resold in the St. Louis area where it has been owned by a collector for many years. The vehicle was being purchased by a first time classic car buyer and he was making sure he was getting what he was going to pay for as well as making sure he knew what the car was worth and what it needed to be repaired prior to his purchase.

We are honored to have been selected and able to inspect and appraise this vehicle for the buyer and the seller. Some of the photos are below. If we can help you with a Fair Market Value Appraisal just send us a message in the form on the side and we can get things started for you.

Unfortunately I can’t dive into how much the fair market value appraisal came out to be but I can tell you some of the factors that went into formulating this appraisal. 1: Marketability 2: Modifications 3: Options 4: Condition. The car had a decent body but needed several areas of paint corrected as well as some body alignment issues resolved. It also had some areas on the suspension that needed some expected repairs. Overall the car was in very good condition. Some very nice upgrades to this car was the Pontiac Tri-Power Intake and Carburetor setup as well power steering since it was a 4 speed car.

Each of our fair market value appraisals come with a full documented set of photos showing the condition, build and options packages as well as a full size page report approved by USPAP.