1966 Ford Mustang Convertible Inspection in St Louis, Missouri

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible Inspection In St Louis, Missouri

There was lots of “meat left on the bone” for this potential buyer of this 1966 Ford Mustang. A lot had been done however there was a lot still to be done and even worse, some things to be redone.

If you are considering purchasing a classic car or collector car it is imperative that you hire an expert to fully inspect the car before you finalize your purchase. Feel free to CONTACT ME directly and I will be glad to assist in your inspection! Hiring an inspector tells the seller or dealer that you are serious about the transaction and also helps protect them from fraud and non-disclosure issues and at the same time provides you with any information and condition issues that they may have been hiding.

This is one of the pre-purchase inspections I provided back in January of 2019. The car shows it original age for sure. The front clip and doors had been repainted. It appeared to have been in an accident at some point in its life on the left front but it was only minor with no frame damage. Rear of car showed to have original factory paint with lots of checking and cracking in the base coat. There was plenty of rust under the driver and passenger side floor pans. The engine sounded good for its age and the transmission shifted smooth and accurately. The car had decent power, drove straight and stopped well. Overall it was a decent driver that could use a fresh paint job, some new floor pans and a new convertible top. This car was listed with an asking price of a #1 or #2 car but was hardly a #3 and closer to a #4.

The most common areas for rust and corrosion on Mustang Convertibles is the rear spring hanger mounts hidden by the rear bumper AND the undercarriage sheet metal especially just forward of the torque boxes. The undercarriage often rust at the torque box location because the drain holes for the convertible top ends up getting clogged and there is no where for the water to go. I see this happen a lot in cars that have been recoated with undercarriage protection, I have stuck a screw driver in the hole before and had over a gallon of water drain from the torque boxes and rear inner quarter panels. The photos you see in this gallery are only a 1/4 of what I normally take. I have over 150 photos in the file for this car.