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Vehicle Appraisals


You can now add a Certified Appraisal or a Range of Value Appraisal to any of our pre-purchase or pre-sale vehicle inspection services.*  Following the standards set forth by the USPAP and the ASCCA our appraisal services provide you with an independent and unbiased value based on the vehicle’s true current overall condition.  We can offer a Certificate of Value as well as a Range of Value to go along with your vehicle inspection.

*Purchase of a vehicle inspection required for an appraisal to be completed*



We offer several appraisal types to fit our clients needs. Regardless of the appraisal, we perform an inspection, take photos and video documenting the vehicle’s condition.  We DO NOT provide desktop appraisals.

Range of Value Appraisal – We give you a range in value of what the vehicle in similar condition has sold for in the last 12 months.

Fair Market Value Appraisal – What other vehicles are selling for in similar condition in the open market.

Stated Value / Replacement Value Appraisal – What it would cost to replace the vehicle. This is often needed by insurance companies and banks.

Diminished Value Appraisal – This appraisal shows the difference in market value of a vehicle after it has sustained major repair, such as a vehicle repaired that was close to being a total loss.

Asset Verification – Shows the condition and value of a vehicle prior to a bank approving a loan on the vehicle. This is often used in construction equipment and farm equipment purchases.