I am honored to provide my opinion of value on any type of vehicle. The most common appraisals I provide are:




When it comes to valuation and appraising a vehicle many things must be taken into account for each vehicle.

The appraiser must know and understand the vehicle or piece of equipment he or she is inspecting. It does no justice to you or the vehicle for an appraiser to evaluate a vehicle he or she does not know how it operates, its use or the market which surrounds that vehicle.

Your appraiser not only must have basic knowledge of that vehicle but he or she should be able to operate it or at least know how it is supposed to operate. That way they can evaluate the operational quality of that vehicle.

I happen to have unique experience in several markets.

My used car and luxury car market experience comes from inspecting and valuating lease return vehicles for Adesa Auto Auctions for five years. These vehicles were being turned in from lease, I would assess the damage as well as the overall value and residual value for each vehicle.

My classic car and collector car market experience begins when I was still in kindergarten. My father and his brothers were heavy into classic cars and my father owned several himself off and on, one of them being a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. My other classic car experience comes from growing up in a body shop helping pound out dents, sand down cars and perform restorations.

My Semi Truck, HD Equipment and Commercial Vehicle experience comes from spending six years in the U. S. Army as a heavy equipment technician. I have inspected, repaired and valued all types of vehicles while in the Army from cars, generators, 2 1/2 ton trucks all the way up to 77 ton battle tanks. I was responsible for inspecting and valuing all deuce and half ton trucks on Ft. Riley as there were going to code out and the turn in process in 2001.

My experience with RVs and motorhomes comes from personal experience. Coupled with my semi truck and HD equipment background my wife and I have owned many campers over the past years. I have been NRVIA Level II certified for several years and watch the market very closely for new models and technology.

I became certified by the ASCCA in 2016 and have performed 100s of appraisals on all different types and conditions of vehicles. I follow the USPAP guidelines, my appraisals follow the IRS, court and insurance approved methodology and are easy to read and understand.