TDT Racing Team Drivers are Hand Picked and Vetted for their Sportsmanship, Courage, Sponsor Support and Performance


The TDT Racing Team


Mark Voigt #30

Mark Voigt #30

Mark is a legend in the dirt track racing world. Mark pilots the TDT Racing Team's #30 Rocket Chassis Late Model. He has won countless heat races, features, and main events. His driving style is smooth but aggressive when needed.

Eric Braundmeier #1E

Eric Braundmeier TDT Racing Team driver of the #1E dirt micro sprint

Eric pilots the 1E TDT Racing Team Driven Gen 3 Chassis Micro Sprint. Eric came up with racing quarter midgets where he has won multiple track championships, features, and heat races. 

Treb Jacoby #J82

Treb Jacoby J82

Treb is the driver and team owner of the TDT Racing Team Beak Built J82 Dirt Modified. Treb has raced dirt track since he was 14. He has won multiple track championships and has recently advanced to the A-Mod division.

Tim "Big Block" Hancock - #0

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Tim Hancock is the driver and car owner of the famous "0" TDT Racing Team dirt modified. Tim is a legend known in dirt modified racing. his aggressive driving style, courage and drive to win with each race is what he is most known for.  

Logan Dockery #444

Logan Dockery Dirt Modified TDT Racing Team Driver

Logan is the driver of the TDT Racing Team #444 dirt modified. Logan's calculated and smooth driving style comes from growing up driving dirt quarter midgets.

Timmy Hankcock JR #22

Timmy Hancock Jr. Dirt Modified TDT Racing Team Driver

Timmy Hancock Jr. grew up in racing with his old man Tim.  Timmy is the driver of the TDT Racing Team #22 dirt modified. Timmy and his father got their nicknames "Big Block and Small Block" from the best dirt track announcer St. Louis has ever had, Mike Muerer.  

Wesley Kiser #43

Wesley Kiser Dirt Modified and Dirt Sportsman TDT Racing Team Driver

Wesley is the dirt sportsman and dirt modified driver of the TDT Racing Team #43 cars. Welsey recently moved up into modifieds. Wesley and his dad Jerry race mostly at I-55 and Tri-City Speedway in the St. Louis area.

Jerry Kiser #68

Jerry Kiser Dirt Modified TDT Racing Team Driver

Jerry has been racing dirt modifieds for many years. He is the car owner and driver of the TDT Racing Team #68 dirt modified. You can catch him racing at Federated I-55 Speedway as well as Tri-City Speedway.

Tony Wolf #16

Tony Wolf Dirt Late Model TDT Racing Team Driver

Tony is the owner and driver of the #16 TDT Racing Team dirt late model.  This year Tony has built an all new car and is ready to give it his all. Tony is one of the most humble men you will meet.  He is always the one driver you can guarantee will help anyone to needs it.


Dustin McClintock #72

Dustin McClintock TDT Racing Team dirt street stock driver

Dustin McClintock is the newest member of the TDT Racing Team. He wheels the #72 TDT Racing Team street stock. You can catch him racing at Tri-City Speedway and Highland Speedway