TDT Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services Announces Fan Appreciation Night at Highland Speedway

TDT Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services Fan Appreciation Night at Highland Speedway

March 31, 2023 – Carlyle, Illinois

Test Drive Technologies (TDT) Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services is excited to partner and sponsor Highland Speedway in Highland, Illinois. TDT will be hosting a Fan Appreciation Night, or often called TDT Night at the Races, on Saturday, May 20, 2023 beginning at 6 PM.

Steven Paul, the owner of TDT Inspection Services, offered a statement. “For the last three years TDT has sponsored the Fan Appreciation Night at Tri-City Speedway in September. We have been honored to have had the opportunity to host our fan giveback party that we like to call TDT Night at the Races in Granite City but this year there were too many ifs in the schedule so we reached out to Highland Speedway to make sure we could still have a party with the fans in the stands!” Steven continues, “We are looking forward to having the TDT Racing Team put on a show for the fans. We have some TDT Racing Team swag we will be giving away and some free shirts and fun for the kids.”

For over 14 years TDT Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services has been providing pre-purchase vehicle inspections, vehicle appraisals on modern, classic and collector vehicles as well as heavy duty trucks and recreational vehicles. Steven, the owner of TDT, got his love of cars from being introduced to racing as a young boy growing up in the pits and the grandstands at Belle-Clair Speedway. His love for classic and collectible cars comes from the vehicles that his father and uncles owned, drove and worked on all the time.

“This year TDT Vehicle Inspection Appraisal Services has also become a corporate sponsor of Highland Speedway’s caution laps! We look forward to supporting the track, the drivers and teams and of course the snack bar” said Paul. “We have also started a little contest with some out of the box thinking. Each week we will offer up a $5 certificate to the snack bar for someone lucky enough to to guess the number of times the caution flag comes out under green flag racing. Our goal in sponsorship is to do more than just write a check, we are looking to build relationships, make a difference in fan base and most of all have fun doing it!”

More information can be found on the Highland Speedway Race Schedule and Facebook page and both the TDT Racing Team and TDT Inspection Services Facebook pages.