Steven Paul Vehicle Inspector

Steven has inspected 1000’s of vehicles and types.  Steven has kept a tally on the number of vehicles he has inspected over the last 20 years.  Steven prides himself on his ability to inspect all types of vehicles accurately and the opportunity to also learn more about each vehicle prior to inspection. Steven treats every vehicle with full respect to cleanliness, paint care and thoroughness of an inspection.

To date Steven has inspected:

  • 800 Current Model Year Used Cars
  • 200 Luxury / Exotic Pre-Own Vehicles
  • 250 Classic / Collector Cars
  • 120 RV / Motorhomes
  • 500 Boats / Personal Watercraft
  • 950 HD Trucks / Equipment
  • 50 Motorcycles

Steven grew up working on classic cars and helping build stock cars in a local family auto body shop. Steven served 6 years in the U.S. Army as a diesel mechanic and later on a turbine technician. After 3 overseas deployments including Bosnia, Kuwait & Iraq. Steven returned home and worked his way up at a local trucking company and later moved back to his love of cars and worked for Adesa Auto Auctions inspecting lease returns. After delivering mostly bad news to lessees Steven seen a need for helping used car buyers make informed purchasing decisions by fully inspecting the vehicle prior to purchase and he opened Test Drive Technologies. For a couple years Test Drive Technologies was closed while Steven followed a calling to teach automotive and diesel technology in hopes of inspiring new blood to the auto and truck repair industry. In late August of 2015 TDT has been reopened under a new organizational format to provide even better service. Some of Steven’s favorite hobbies are racing, camping, music, singing spending time with his family and photography. As a result of Steven’s objectivity and ability to inspect a vehicle with true independence he is often asked to perform “Expert Witness Inspections” for St Louis Law Firms.  If you would like more information about Steven Paul please send us a direct message and we will send you his CV.