First Impression Survey


Don’t waste your money on a pre-purchase inspection for a vehicle that doesn’t fit the bill.  Send us the listing info, photos and documentation and we will give you a call with our professional opinion on the car…  If the vehicle is a good candidate for a pre-purchase inspection we will provide you a $50 discount on your PPI… 


First Impression Survey

We are the first vehicle inspection company to offer a vehicle preview consultation, we call it a First Impression Survey.  We offer this new service because we know how hard it can be to decide which vehicle you think is worth paying for an inspection fee.

Being a car guy myself I know how frustrating and difficult it can be to narrow down the one car you think would be worth sending out a vehicle inspector this is where our preview pre-purchase consultation service comes into play.

This is how it works:

  1. You order the First Impression Survey on our website for a very small fee.
  2. When ordering you provide the link to the vehicle, photos and any detailed information the seller has provided.
  3. We review all the information you provided and prepare a short report with our professional opinions about the particular vehicle.
  4. The report is delivered to you by an email link. After you have reviewed the report you can set up a time for a 15-minute phone consultation and we go through the vehicle on the phone with you and discuss the findings.
  5. If you feel you would like us to move forward with a pre-purchase inspection and or appraisal we will then apply the consultation fee towards your inspection in the form of a discount.

We offer this preview consultation service to help save you money on an inspection you may not need.