Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals


Financing or insuring a Commercial Truck is taking a large risk.  We help reduce that risk by verifying the vehicle’s condition and value for you.   We perform our detailed inspection of the vehicle AND provide a current market certified appraisal as well as photo document the vehicle’s current condition so you can make an informed business decision.   Don’t need an appraisal?  You can also order the inspection by itself as an asset verification inspection.

We fully inspect the body, interior, features, options, electrical and lights, engine, DPF, transmission, clutch, driveline, suspension, steering, fuel & hydraulic tanks, brakes, air bags, wheels, tires, 5th wheel, cargo area, doors and all glass to ensure you know the true condition of the vehicle.



TDT provides Commercial Truck & Trailer Appraisal Services for all types of Semi Trucks in the St. Louis, Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Purchasing a commercial truck for your company is not an easy decision.  We understand the number of factors that go into play when purchasing a commercial vehicle.  That is why we offer Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals to clients just like you.

We inspect many types of vehicle but our main line of vehicles we inspect are:

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We offer a huge array of vehicle types we appraise. Many other mobile commercial vehicle inspection companies may turn certain vehicle types down. There is nothing too small or too large we will not inspect for our customers!

Our Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals provide you with the detailed information of the semi truck or tractor trailer you are considering that can help you make a sound and educated business purchase decision.  Our Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals go much deeper than anyone in the commercial vehicle inspection industry.

Our Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals fully examine the before you purchase it. Our inspections fully report on the following areas but are not limited to this list.

Body / Glass Engine
Interior Cab Transmission
Fuel / DEF Tanks Driveline
Frame / Structural Suspension System
Features / Comfort Steering System
Lighting Brakes System
Emergency Equipment Air System
5th Wheel / Coupler Power Take Off (PTO)
Electrical / Wiring Wheels / Tires / Axles

Our inspection software allows us to add custom inspection checkpoints for our clients so we can tailor our Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals to your needs.

A TDT Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals gives you not only a ton of negotiating power over your purchase but also the chance to back out of a deal if the vehicle is not in the condition advertised.

Your commercial vehicle inspector, Steven Paul, is not only your inspector he is also the President of Test Drive Technologies the parent company of St. Louis Inspections.  Steven grew up working in an auto body shop in the St. Louis area and later on spent 6 years as a HD Equipment Technician in the U.S. Army where he was tasked with supervising a team of soldiers who performed all the “code-out” inspections on the Army’s “Deuce-n-a-half”. Not only did Steven work on HD trucks but he also supervised an turbine engine rebuild facility for the M1A1 – A2 Abrams Battle Tank at Fort Riley, Kansas. After serving the Armed Forces and 3 deployments later, Steven returned to St. Louis where he worked in several dealership repair shops and independent ing companies as well as opening several commercial tire shops in Illinois and Missouri.  As a Master Certified ASE HD Technician, you can rest assured that when Steven performs a Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals on your rig that you are getting top-notch, depending and reliable reporting of your vehicle’s true current condition before you buy it.

“My first concern in any type of inspection I perform is of Safety and Reliability.  I have taken Federal DOT Standards, State DOT Standards and numerous other inspection reports in our industry and combined them into a full examination report of HD Commercial.  I am no longer in the repair business or connected to any shop or dealership. When I go out to inspect a for my clients, they know they are getting a true independent and unbiased inspection report.”

TDT has received numerous statements from other inspectors in the industry on how deep and detailed our inspections are. Some call us crazy for the amount of work we put into each Commercial Truck Inspection Appraisals but we call that customer service. See what some of our past TDT Inspection Clients have said about our Inspection Services.

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The Report

2002 Mack CH 613 HD Commercial Semi Truck Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

What's Checked

We fully inspect the body, interior, features, options, electrical and lights, engine, transmission, clutch, driveline, suspension, steering, brakes, air bags, DPF, tanks, wheels, tires, 5th wheel, cargo area, doors and all glass to ensure you know the true condition of the vehicle before you buy it.


2002 Mack CH 613 HD Commercial Semi Truck Inspection - Chesterfield, IL

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