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Oil & Fluid Sampling

Oil and fluid sampling gives us an look of what is going on inside the engine, transmission, cooling system, fuel tank, hydraulic system and even brake systems.

By taking a small sample of the fluid or oil in the system we are able to send it off to a lab. At the lab they are able to use specialized equipment to count and separate the metals, deposits and contaminants in the fluid and oil and provide what the actual break down of the oil is. This break down and mineral count helps give us an idea of what areas inside the systems are wearing, and what the possible causes may be.

We can inspect anything you throw at us, we can test pressures, we can test play we can drive vehicles and make them perform but the one thing that no mechanic can do is look at the internal bearings, seals, plates and linings of an engine, transmission, hydraulic pump or fuel system. Oil and fluid sampling allows us to do all of that without ever disassembling a component of the equipment.

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