Pre-Purchase Vehicle Research Links

Everyone needs some information before you purchase a vehicle… Even pre-purchase vehicle inspection experts.  Here are some of the links we look at and add to on a regular basis.

HiBid – If you are looking for values of vehicles that have sold at auction this is a great place to look.  They cover all the major classic and collector car auctions and then post the closing bids and the opening asking prices. Best of all is that if you sign up for their subscription, you get a weekly email of the closing auction prices.  It is an appraiser’s dream come true. – This is one of our main checks on each vehicle we inspect or appraise.  We run each vehicle VIN gets ran through for open recalls and is then reported on our website.

356-911 Porsche – This website is awesome, very detailed and informational for Porsche for both Pre-1974 and Post-1974 Porsches.

BMW Info – Another great website geared for BMW enthusiast and updated by BMW enthusiast.  This website covers everything BMW related from the 1970’s to current broken down by model numbers. There is also some great links inside this website for other BMW information.

Airstream Library – If you have a question about an Airstream Trailer or you are just curious this is the place to go spend a few hours.  You can find everything from owner’s manuals, floor plans and equipment listings on this website.

– There is not very many websites out there for RV or Camper values but the one that we use a lot is NADA.  I have found values on units as old as the 1960’s in the NADA RV Values.  Value-wise it has been very reliable and pretty much dead on.  It is a good place to start and also a good place to look up correct model numbers, lengths and dry weights.

RV Floor Plans1998 Coachmen Catalina Lite RV Floor Plan – We use Google Images a lot for finding RV and Motorhome Floor Plans.  Often dealerships and manufactures post floor plan images on their websites but they are hard to locate.  Just type in the year, make and model number of the unit you are looking to explore and you will likely find what you are looking for.  We use it all the time to acquaint ourselves to the unit before an inspection or appraisal.