Our Process

TDT’s inspection process provides that 1-on-1 approach to ensuring you are taken care of as our inspection clients.

From the first moment you request a quote you are cared for personally by the owner of the company.

“Our goal at TDT is to make the vehicle buying process safer and easier”.

  1. You find the vehicle of your dreams or needs
  2. You contact the seller / dealerships of the vehicle
  3. You go check it out in person or online
  4. You contact TDT and schedule an inspection
  5. You receive an invoice and pay us securely through our secure SSL website
  6. TDT goes out to the vehicle and inspects it onsite
  7. TDT takes photos, some video and writes a report
  8. You receive the report and photos online the next day
  9. You then make a decision to purchase or not based on the report and photos TDT provides