Introducing the TDT Racing Team for 2021

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If you have read up on me much you know that I grew up with dirt track racing and that is where I get my roots from. Dirty flying, fuel vapors and cheese fries. That is me. Over the last two years I decided to start giving back to the very sport that has given me so many memories and experiences over the years. Last year we ended the season with 10 sponsored dirt track and quarter midget cars. This year I turne up the heat with a total of 16 race cars with our name on them.

We do more than just toss money at the drivers. We are at the track and in the pits supporting them, helping them unload and load the cars, running and getting parts, grinding tires and selling shirts. We have promotional videos shot and created to promote our teams because we are proud to sponsor who we choose to sponsor.

Choosing who to sponsor does not come as a light decision. We are friends and fans with the majority of all the local drivers and teams so we are not out there just putting money on ur friends’ cars. We also don’t just choose to sponsor the big time winners. We sponsor those who we know give back to the community and who can also help the other team members of the TDT Racing Team with product and supplies.

Please give a warm welcome and congratulations to the 2021 TDT Racing Team!