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What we inspect

Our inspections are about more than just kicking tires and checking lights. We are looking for previous repairs, faulty features and options, failing mechanical systems and how the vehicle performs.

High Quality Photos

We provide between 100 – 150 high quality digital photographs showing the vehicle’s full overall condition including any damages or previous repairs we find including undercarriage photos.

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HD Video

Each of our inspections also includes a HD video of the vehicle’s body, interior and all of its features and options being tested. We also include video of the engine and exhaust so you get a feel for how it runs.

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inspection checklist

Inspection Checklist

Our checklist is very easy to understand and includes notes in each section explaining the condition of the systems.  We grade vehicles based on the Hagerty 1-6 scale so it is easy to understand and compare.

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Road Test

Each vehicle we inspect we take on a full road test as long as we have seller’s permission, the vehicle is licensed and safe for operation.

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We fully examine the undercarriage of each vehicle we inspect. Although we are not able to get every vehicle on a lift we do carry ramps so we can fully inspect the vehicle undercarriage.

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Electronic Paint Meter Thickness Gauge

Paint Thickness

We use electronic paint meter thickness gauges on each panel to determine if body filler exist and how thick it possibly is giving you a clearer understanding of what condition the vehicle is in.

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What we do

Here at Test Drive Technologies we strive to be your eyes and boots on the ground at the location of the vehicle you are considering purchasing.  We fully understand the investment decision that goes along with purchasing a classic, collector, or antique vehicle.  This is why we treat each vehicle we inspect as if we were purchasing it ourselves.

Each vehicle we inspect receives a thorough detailed inspection.  That means we inspect the body, interior, exterior & interior lights, options, trim, glass, wheels, tires, electronics, engine, transmission, driveline, steering, suspension, frame, undercarriage, and exhaust.  We fully test drive  each vehicle we inspect with seller’s permission and proper registration.

Our inspection report includes our full checklist inspection which is broken down into easy to understand sections which are graded using the same scale that Hagerty uses for easy comparison of other vehicles.  We take anywhere from 100 -150  high quality photos of the vehicle (sometimes more) as well as provide you a full HD video of the vehicle body, interior, options and the engine & exhaust running through the RPM ranges.

We then upload the report, photos and video to our website and send you a link by email as soon as it is ready.  90% of our inspection reports are uploaded and sent to our clients the same evening the inspection is completed.

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Video is worth a million words

What is the next best thing besides being there to see the car yourself firsthand?  Seeing the car in HD video being tested and performing.  Our videos provide you with details of the vehicle’s body, interior, features and options being tested as well as video (AND SOUND) of the engine and exhaust being tested through the full RPM range so you can get a feel for how it runs.  Sadly even though we provide video of the car we are not able to provide video of the test drive portion be rest assured we will put it through a full 3-5 mile test drive at both city and highway speeds.

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scheduling & results delivery

Because we are local to the St Louis and Southern Illinois area means we can normally schedule your inspection for the next day.  90% of our inspection report results are delivered the same evening that your car is inspected depending on our caseload for the day.

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Location is everything

We are an independent family owned and operated business out of the St Louis, Missouri and Southern Illinois area.  We are able to inspect most vehicles the following day in our main area. We do travel to Western and Southern Missouri as well as Central Illinois and parts of Tennessee and Kentucky on special request basis.

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