HD Equipment Oil Sampling & Analysis

About 2 ounces of fluid is extracted from the component and then sent to Blackstone Labs for analysis and then compared to 1000’s of other vehicles just like yours and reported back to you.

Purchasing a semi or piece of construction equipment is sometimes a gamble.  Even though there are vehicle history reports and certified vehicle inspectors such as TDT there is NO WAY to see vehicle’s true condition inside the engine, transmission, axle, hydraulics or fuel system.  

Fortunately now there is!  We are now able to offer HD Equipment Oil Sampling & Analysis for all vehicles we inspect.

Very simply put, it is like a nurse drawing your blood and sending it to the lab to check your cholesterol and sugar levels except we do it on semi trucks and HD Equipment.

Having the DNA tested from your vehicle can tell you things such as how much of each type of metal, water, fuel and any masking agents such as stop leak not to mention the basic idea of how it has been maintained. The results of the fluid testing taken from your vehicle’s DNA is then compared to 1000’s of other vehicles just like yours to see what is normal or excessive amounts. 

Find out what the internal condition of your RV major components look like.  We can sample and analyse many areas of your semi truck or construction equipment such as

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Coolant
  • Transmission
  • Differentials
  • Final Drives
  • APU / Tri-Pack (Often the most neglected component on a semi truck)
  • Hydraulics
  • Fuel System (A good idea if the equipment has been stored or sitting for a while)

Add some science and assurance to your car buying experience today and make sure you know what you are buying by adding it to your inspection today.