Vehicle Expert Witness Services 

I bring to the table over 20 years of automobile, recreational vehicle and heavy duty truck repair and inspection experience. I am a seasoned expert ready to go work for your case for both plaintiff and defedants alike. Having inspected over 5000 vehicles, provided over 1000 expert reports, 30 depostions and qualified and accepted as an expert in Missouri, Illinois, Pennselvania, New Jersey, Ohio State Courts as well as Lousisanna Federal Court I am ready to go to battle for you.



Today's vehicles are complex machines mechanically, electrically and even structurally. You need an expert that not only can diagnose and document the findings but also an expert who can be a reliable witness and expert on the stand. I have testified in numourus courts and provided testimony at deposition on lemon law, misrepresentation, breach of warranty and undiclosed frame damage, flood damages. Regardless of which side of the table you are on, I am ready to go to work for your case as soon as I get it.
Steve Inspecting Corvette for Undisclosed Paint

 Recreational Vehicles

Finding an expert with both the mechanical and electrical knowledge and background to inspect recreational vehicles and campers can be challenging. I have over 20 years of experience as a heavy duty truck technician and inspector. I have also inspected well over 500 RVs of all types including motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers and campers, I am also a camping enthusiast so I know the industry, the proper terminaology and I know what to look for, how to diagnose the concerns and what needs to be documented for the case.

Misrepresentation / Dealer Fraud

I specialize in undiclosed mechanical, electrical, frame, body damages and flood damage. I often find deleted emissions components, undisclosed damages and more. Using common methods, current and modern technology and testing procedures I am able to assist in cases where a vehicle may or may not have been misrepresented at the time of sale.

Jeep Emissions Deleted

Lemon Law / Breach of Warranty

With my 20+ years of experience in the automobile and heavy duty truck repair industry I am able to assist in cases regarding the unreasonablness of number of repairs and time out of service. I have over 500 cases of experience with the major automobile manfacutures as well as the commerical truck manufactures and RV manufactures.

Mercedes-Benz Poor Repairs
Poor Oil Change Maintenance Found During Purchase Used Car Inspection

Motorhomes / Commercial Trucks

Applying my 20+ years of experience to work for your case. I have opined on over 100 cases regarding motorhomes and comercial trucks reagrding both RV and the HD truck manufatures. I can opine on cases regarding motorhomes and commercial trucks in regards to mechanical, electrical, structural and other driveability concerns which may inhibit the vehicle's intended use.

Fleetwood Bounder RV Axle Leak
Fleetwood Bounder RV Axle Leak

RV and Camper Safety

As a Level II NRVIA Certified Inspector I am able to opine on RV and Camper safety, electrical, appliance, and structural concerns including leaks and frame damages. I have inspected over 100 motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels for clients regarding RV lemon law and breach of warranty cases.

Photo Mar AM
Newmar RV Electrical Concern


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