Commercial Vehicle Truck Inspections


As business owners we understand the business and financial decisions involved in purchasing a new vehicle for your company or department.  That is why we offer pre-purchase vehicle inspections for all types of commercial trucks and trailers.  

Our commercial vehicle truck inspections start from the ground up.  Fully inspecting the tires for wear, age and design. We also check the brakes, suspension, steering, air system, lines, hoses, belts, frame, body, interior, hydraulics, PTO, accessories, compartments and of course the glass.  We are fully qualified and licensed to test drive any vehicle you throw at us.  Steven has over 20 years of experience with HD vehicles as well as 6 years of that experience inspecting and repairing heavy equipment and commercial vehicles in the U. S. Army in some of the worst conditions.

We are happy to inspect semi trucks, semi trailers, church buses, school buses, limo buses, fire trucks, ambulances, dump trucks, concrete trucks, bucket trucks, tractors and construction equipment such as loaders, back hoes, excavators and much more.

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start with the basics


The heart of your commercial vehicle is the frame and structure.  We inspect and ensure the vehicle’s undercarriage for any signs of corrosion, rust and failures as well as damages from accidents including mounts and bushings.

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Although we are not able to lift a truck for our inspection we do however get dirty under the vehicle and fully check the bushings, boots and all other parts of the steering, brakes, suspension, engine, transmission,  driveline, electrical system and more.


We understand that your investment is not just about the mechanics and the performance of the vehicle.  That is why we also ensure that the full vehicle is examined cosmetically inspecting the body, interior, features and options.

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How does it looks on the outside?

We understand that the truck you are about to purchase needs to not only perform as it is designed but also needs to look good and represent your company. We provide a full cosmetic inspection both outside and inside of the truck so you know exactly what you are about to purchase.

How does it feels inside?

We understand that the driver of the vehicle needs to be comfortable too. We check all the seats, seat belts, driver controls, storage compartments, refrigerators, CB mounts, stereo, AC / heater systems and of course the windows.

Will it need tires?

Having ran a few truck shops we know that the next highest cost of commercial vehicles next to fuel is tires. We fully examine tires on each vehicle noting the tread life, tread wear patter as well as if the tires are virgin or retreads. We also try to provide the DOT date but it is not always possible.

Do the electronics work?

This is one of the areas that we see falling short on most of the vehicles we inspect. We often find stored diagnostic codes, poorly repaired wires, inoperable heater / ac systems and even inoperable lights. We check the full truck so you know what you are about to purchase.

Is it Solid?

The heart of the vehicle is of course the frame. Knowing what is factory, what looks to have been replaced or repaired, what consist of an approved quality repair versus a hack job is what we are looking for on each vehicle. We also are checking for corrosion and rust and failing bushings.

has it been maintained?

Sometimes it is pretty simple to find areas of a truck that has not been properly maintained and it takes someone with experience to point these things out such as the fuel filter on the left. The fuel bowl was nearly full to the top because the fuel filter had not been changed in a long time. Also areas to know to check is the smell of the oil for fuel and the air filters.

How does it perform?

Our inspections would not be complete without a full test drive of the vehicle. As long as the vehicle is registered and insured we will take the truck on a full test drive on both city and highway speeds to make sure it has good power, steers well and stops as it should. We do not test pull or move trailers or but we do hook up to them to check lights and brakes.