Become a Pre-Owned Certified Seller

It’s time to take away your customers’ worries about buying the unknown.  

2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited being inspected.

Using the same methodology that the manufacture dealerships use during their pre-owned certified marketing, we can help you market your vehicles for higher value at the same time you are getting a professional independent service.

 Here is how it works.

  • We inspect the vehicle on your lot.
  • We provide you with 25-50 photos and HD pre-sale video, checklist style certification report branded by TDT and signed by our inspector which all becomes yours to list anywhere you want. Everything is downloadable via a zip file the day after the inspection is completed.
  • Certification requirements are pre-set based on industry-wide research. The vehicle receives a pass / fail inspection, if it passes a certificate is issued, if it fails you know what needs repaired. Vehicle’s that fail can be reinspected for another chance to become certified.  
  • Certified vehicles are eligible for a vehicle service contract through SmartAuto administered by TDT at the time of sale for a fraction of the cost of other contracts.

If you have listed and sold 50 certified vehicles with TDT, you receive our certificate of certification to display for your customers as well as displaying our certified logo on your website. When you become a select pre-owned certified seller you are able to set yourself aside from other used car dealers in the St Louis area.  Our inspection fee / certification is one price regardless of the outcome, this keeps us honest and independent as we are just inspecting the vehicle for you.

For more information on how to boost your sales and gain your customers’ confidence please send us a message and lets talk.