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Our inspections are about more than just kicking tires and checking lights.  Some of the other companies out there are using subcontractors and that means there is no standard of inspection or quality with their inspection process.  We show up, dressed professionally, ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work.  You won't catch our inspector Steve out there in flip flops with a cell phone taking pictures. We take about 2 hours with each vehicle. We are looking for previous repairs, faulty features and options, failing mechanical systems and how the vehicle performs.  We carry the most up to date diagnostic equipment, paint meters, tire gauges, measuring tools and cameras to provide the best information for you.

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We provide over 100 high quality digital photographs showing the vehicle's full overall condition including any damages or previous repairs we find including undercarriage photos. We understand that it is highly possible you are purchasing this vehicle from 100's if not 1000's of miles away. That is why we provide the most comprehensive set of photos on the market.  Worried about how many pictures you will get?  Don't be... We take anywhere from 100-200 photos of each used car or light truck so you can SEE EXACTLY what we are seeing. Read More


HD Video - Just Like You Are Looking Over Our Shoulder - CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Each of our inspections also includes a HD video of the vehicle's body, interior and all of its features and options being tested. We also include video of the engine and exhaust so you get a feel for how it runs. We take providing you as much information as possible very seriously.  HD Video provides you over the shoulder / eye witness knowledge of what we are seeing during our inspection, how the vehicle looks, how the vehicle performs and if something is not operating as it should, you will see it in the video.  Many other inspection companies charge extra for video and it only includes a few minutes. Ours is INCLUDED in the inspection price.  Fred R. Barnard, of Printers' Ink, 10 March 1927 said "A picture is worth a 1000 words."  I wonder what he would say about video today?  Read More


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Our checklist is very easy to understand and includes notes in each section explaining the condition of the systems.  Each system is graded based on its condition so you can make an informed decision on the vehicle.   If there are specific points of interest you would like examined that we might not cover feel free to let us know and we will include them.  Our job is to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed purchase decision. Nothing less.  Our inspections start out listing the basic information about the vehicle, VIN, mileage color, engine, driveline etc.  We then dig into the features and options.  From there we take a hard look and examine the whole body, interior, tires, wheels, electronics, engine, driveline, steering, suspension and we also include a FULL diagnostic scan on each used car / light truck we inspect. Some other inspection companies might charge extra for a quick OBD II scan..  We use the latest diagnostic software from AutoEnginuity, the industries leading OBD II system and programing hardware an

d software company. Read More



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We want our clients purchase to be one made from as much information as possible. If all of the above wasn't enough information to help you make an informed decision we also provide you with a FREE recall report based on the VIN of the vehicle you are about to purchase.  These days with all the recalls being issued on cars from manufactures you can't be too careful. We find this an invaluable part of purchasing a used car and many rely on the dealer or seller to provide you with that information. Sadly they are not required to provide this to the potential buyer.  It is a simple lookup in a database for us and we provide it to you for free.  Why do we do this?  Because we want our clients to purchase safe and reliable vehicles based on quality information. Read More



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*Disclaimer* We do not provide videos of Test Drives due to insurance and local law changes.

Our name wouldn't be "TEST DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES" without a true full test drive. Each vehicle we inspect we take on a full road test as long as we have seller's permission, the vehicle is licensed and safe for operation. Our road test don't just mean taking it around the block and backing it into a parking spot.   Each vehicle we road test gets a full drive including a 0-60 MPH test, a 30-0 brake test, hard left and right turns, alignment check, we take it up through all the gears and then back down through them.  If the car has shifter paddles rest assured that we will use them too.  We also fully examine items like cruise control.  Now sometimes weather and sellers do not allow us to test drive a vehicle but if that is the case we will be sure to note it in the inspection.  In some instances we can make another attempt at a later date. Read More



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What we do

Avoid buying a used car lemon or a car with hidden mechanical or structural problems.  Our used car inspections can save you not only our inspection fee but sometimes even 1000’s of unexpected repair bills after you purchase the vehicle.

Our Used Car Inspections provide a hands-on inspection of the body, frame, interior, features and options, lighting, engine, transmission, driveline, brakes and steering systems. We put you in the driver’s seat during our used car inspections with over 100 quality photos, HD video of the cars body, , interior, features and options as well as a video of the engine and exhaust going through the RPM range. Our Used Car Inspections also provide a full test drive of the vehicle as long as conditions permit. These days when buying a used car or truck you never really know what you are getting stuck with unless you get an independent 3rd party inspection by a professional.   See one of our ACTUAL past inspections performed in the St Louis area here.

We help answer questions such as…

  • Are there open recalls on this car?
  • Is there undisclosed hidden repair damage to this car?
  • Was the car maintained and cared for well?
  • Are you buying someone else’s lemon?
  • Did someone pond off their problems by trading in their used car?  
  • Is the seller representing the vehicle truthfully?

This is where our Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspections can help you know what you are buying… CLICK HERE TO ORDER