5th Wheel Travel Trailer Pre-Purchase Recreational Vehicle Inspections

inspecting your home on wheels

Purchasing a recreational vehicle is supposed to be about enjoying the traveling lifestyle and seeing new places, NOT DOING REPAIRS. We help you get started making sure your RV is a solid and sound investment before you finalize your purchase.  Whether you are purchasing a 350,000 diesel pusher with 4 slides and 3 axles or a gas powered 20 foot coach we have you covered. Our Motorhome, Motorcoach, camper, travel trailer and 5th wheel camper pre-purchase inspections provide a thorough inspection of the structure, body, roof, undercarriage, mechanicals such as the engine, transmission, driveline, brakes, suspension, steering, generator, belts, hoses and wiring as well as  the, appliances, electrical system, plumbing and the full interior of the RV.  We provide you with 200-300 photos and video of appliances and features being operated on the RV so you can make an informed purchase decision.

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start with the basics


The heart of your RV is the frame and structure.  We inspect and ensure the vehicle’s undercarriage for any signs of corrosion, rust and failures as well as damages from accidents.

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Although we are not able to lift a RV for our inspection we do however fully check the bushings, boots and all other parts of the steering, brakes, suspension, engine, transmission,  driveline, electrical system and more.

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We fully examine the RV’s electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, slides, awnings, levelers and much more. We don’t just say we have checked these items. We provide you VIDEO so you can see it.

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our inspection

full rv inspection

Some inspection companies will not get on the roof of the RV. We find that foolish because that is where we start our inspection. Checking for soft spots, dry and cracking sealant, poor repairs and missing items.

tires cost big money

One of the biggest expenses outside of fuel is tire replacement on a RV. We fully inspect the tires not just for treadlife and wear but also age. Any tire that is older than 6 years should be replaced to avoid a tread separation and accident on the road.

electrical systems

We test and make sure the coaches electrical systems are in working order and report back our findings. We ask the seller / dealers to have about a 1/2 tank of fresh water and propane so we can check the systems fully.

Interior Trim

We have seen a lot of RVs that people have “made their own of their home”. When non-RV products are used in a RV you get things like cracks and separations from the movement that occurs on the road. We look for that too!

full test drive

Our inspections would not be complete without a full test drive of the vehicle. As long as the vehicle is registered and insured we will take the RV on a full test drive on both city and highway speeds to make sure it has good power, steers well and stops as it should. We do not test pull or move travel trailers or campers but we do hook up to them to check lights and brakes.